Male Breast Enlargement - A Great Step to Becoming More Feminine

Male Breast Enlargement

Male breast enlargement is a vital part of a transgender's journey to become more feminine. There are many methods available to achieve the desired result. Most commonly used however are the breast pills, pumps, creams and surgery. Naturally, most people automatically think of the cosmetic surgery when they think of breast enlargement but there are better and safer ways available now.

With more men desiring a larger chest male breast pills are becoming more widely available. Many, such as Breastfuel and Mammorex, claim to be herbal and naturally enlarge the breasts to a permanent size by increasing fat cells or the hormone estrogen. There are a few brands that suggest usage with massage, bringing better circulation to the breast. And then there are some pills that take it a step further and combine pills with the creams to massage into the breast.

Another safe way to enhance one's breast size is the newly released breast pump. It typically comes with cups for small, medium and large breasts. Although it does seem to be a bit slower working than the other methods, it is a permanent method that leaves no stretchmarks, scars or asymmetry in the breasts. It works by gently suctioning the breasts, pulling fat cells into the breast area, causing the breast to naturally grow about one cup size in about a month or two.

Though these methods are the most commonly and safer methods to use, they are not the only ways available. There are of course the breast augmentation surgeries and hormonal therapies which can be a bit more hazardous than the other methods.

There are many ways of achieving one's desire to have larger breasts. No longer do transgenders have to fear the processes of obtaining a more feminine physique, it only takes going out and finding the solution right for you.

Male Breast Enhancement Is Something That Is Becoming More And More Popular Among Men

Male Breast Enhancement

Male breast enhancement is defined by altering the size of a man's breast mainly through the use of different surgical options. The condition is commonly known as gynecomastia and it is a problem than many men are now facing. These men will often to to surgical procedures in order to rid themselves of the problem when they see it occurring, but the best way of getting rid of it will really come down to what the cause is in the first place.

However whilst many people will associate the idea of having their breasts enhances by some sort of growth of fatty tissue others will actually want to see a growth of their breasts in order to make themselves appear more feminine. These people will include those like transsexuals, and those who are looking to change their sex entirely.

For these people, the idea of having surgery in order to actually make their breasts bigger will be an attractive one and this is exactly what they will go through. For many, however, the cots of surgery can be a lot too much for them to take on and as a result they will look for more cost effective ways of naturally enhancing the size of their breasts.

One of the best ways of doing this is through the use of artificial hormones that are used in order to stimulate the growth of a man's breast. It is also possible for you to get some sources that are naturally high in estrogen and which can help to build the levels of estrogen in the body and lower the amount of testosterone in the system as well.

The good thing about using any natural herbal source is that they do not lead to any nasty side effects or pain an all and can therefore be used happily and offer some great results.


Enlarge Male Breast Naturally With Saw Palmetto

Enlarge Male Breast Naturally

Transgenders and transsexual people feel better about themselves with feminine breasts. Patients scheduled for a sex change operation undergo months or even years of hormone treatments in order to make a gradual change. But hormones to enlarge male breast tissue can often leave patients with bad side effects. Many are turning to the herb saw palmetto to gain larger breasts.

Women have been using saw palmetto to get larger, rounder breasts since Mexico's Mayan civilization. But it was wrongly assumed that saw palmetto could only work for women's breast tissue. It wasn't until the last century that medical science discovered that both men and women contained the hormones for growing breasts. Sometimes an imbalance of hormones causes large breasts, or gynecomastia, in men or boys

Why Saw Palmetto?

Saw palmetto was originally used as a folk remedy for the treatment of enlarged prostate. The world renowned Mayo Clinic even recommends saw palmetto for enlarged prostate, also known as benign protsatic hyptrophy. Men who took saw palmetto began reporting many minor side effects, one of which was that their breasts were growing.

It is unknown exactly how saw palmetto works on the body to enlarge breast tissue. One theory listed by the America's National Institutes of Health is that saw palmetto quiets the androgen receptors in cells. Androgens are hormones such as testosterone. Both men and women have testosterone, but men usually have far more than women. Chemicals like testosterone communicate to cells because they can fit into a particular slot or opening just for them called a receptor. It is thought that saw palmetto closes these openings.

Using Saw Palmetto

Although saw palmetto comes in many forms, the National Institutes of Health warns against using saw palmetto alcohol tinctures because it could make a person suddenly drowsy. But saw palmetto capsules and saw palmetto berries are thought to be much safer and are usually less expensive.

Male Breast Enlargement - Some Ways To Prevent And Cure It

Male Breast Enlargement

Male breast enlargement is a real problem for many men and can lead to a lot of embarrassment and shame but for some men it is a dream come true. When they see this problem occurring they will end up losing their confidence and will feel that they are less attracted to women.

However, those men who wants breasts could careless about beinging attracted to women. When they are on the beach they will be less inclined to get their top off and will feel like any sort of thin clothing that they wear will show off what they do not want to be seen.

Now, this is not to say that the problem needs to be a permanent one and in most cases it is something that is easily curable as long as you are willing to do the right things. It will really come down to what the cause of the condition is as to whether or not you are able to easily get rid of it yourself however, or will require some sort of medical attention and treatment.

One of the most common causes is simply weight gain and obesity and therefore this is something that needs to be sorted out if ever you see yourself getting too fat. We all know that prevention is better than cure, as well, so in order to prevent this problem from happening it is best to adopt a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy foods and get some exercise on a regular basis.

Some of the other possible cause will be thing like medication that you might be taking and the side effects from these. It may also be as a result of taking other growth hormones, steroids or other sorts of recreational drug. If these are the base of the problem then you simply need to stop taking them.

If the problem is that serious you may also consider something like surgery or simple liposuction in order to get rid of the problem. But, if you are one the men who are looking for ways to increase your breast size, this is not a problem you are trying to cure or prevent.

Male Breast Development - Causes And Treatments

Male Breast Development

Men are widely help up as these visions of strength and so when a man develops the problem of having breasts than they can begin to feel serious embarrassment and shame. Approximately ten per cent of the adult male population are thought to be living silently in shame with the condition called gynecomastia. Here are some of the causes and treatments for male breast development.

Often this can happen when a boy is going through puberty and therefore seeing massive changes in their height, their weight and their hormonal patterns. Often the fatty tissue that develops will diminish by the time the boy hits his teens and therefore is not a great problem. However, other facts cause the problem to develop in men. Things such as drugs, hormonal imbalances and a poor diet can all lead on to the condition.

The first thing that needs to be done if ever you see any of the symptoms appearing is to consult with your doctor so that he can determine exactly what has causes the problem in the first place.

If it is down to something like drugs, growth hormones or drinking then stopping all of these will help to get rid of the problem. In many cases, it will be down to a general weight gain and obesity and therefore you will need to start watching what you are eating and making sure that you are getting all of the necessary exercise, both cardio vascular and in term of muscle building for your pectorals.

When the condition is due to a more serious problem then there are other alternative treatments that you doctor will be able to advise on. One such options will be liposuction in order to remove the fatty tissue. However, if the problem has been found to be causes by a tumor or cancer then an entire mastectomy might need to be done.